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Ever since I can remember I have always been creative and desired to travel the world, combining hobbies and dreams to capture an adventure is my motivation. Fortunately my passion is not just for myself, but for my audience and the people who want to witness my creativity. Exploring and traveling brings something new and unexpected. It is often challenging, risky, broadening and inspiring experience. Creativity has taken me to some pretty incredible places and presented some unforgettable experiences. It has become the utmost pleasure to be able to share my adventures with others through my photography. Regardless of the reason you arrived on my site, whether you're looking for inspiration about photography or you're just passing through trying to find some guidance on your next travels, let's find an adventure to embark on together.

What you can expect from me..


Capturing the memorable and exciting moments, editing then publishing my photos. I plan to share my presents for inspiring artists.



Blog for photography enthusiasts, travel buffs, and content creators. Dedicated to showcasing photography, providing reviews of travel destinations, and insights into content creation


Independent Traveller

Want to learn more about the benefits of being your own independent travel agent and how it supports the goal of exploring the globe.

Coming soon..

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

About Me

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Reading from top to bottom, my name is Ben Morris. I am a photographer, creative artist and an avid explorer. Ever since I was young, I have been infatuated with nature and being outdoors. Born and raised in the U.K, I grew up in Manchester, the city blessed with constant rain and cold. I work full time in cyber/tech. I spend most of my free time between personal projects and learning. 

Merging my passion for photography, my wonderment of nature, and joy of adventure, accompanied by my blue tones and moody vibes, is what makes up the unique style in my artwork. In all things, my aim is to explore and inspire. At my core, I am a storyteller. I use the mediums of photography, written reviews, and design to tell whatever story I want to be told.

I constantly drawing inspiration from other photographers, particular landscape and natural styles and trying to broaden my techniques to discover new places to take my art and creativity. At my very core, I am just at the start of a journey, constantly refining and establishing myself as an artist, an adventurer, and a creative.

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